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Value Engineering
Value engineering services to support innovation

Value Engineering

As newer technologies are being made available, it is becoming increasingly important for enterprises to find out the business values of adopting these technological advancements. Our value engineering uses our many years of industry experience to help you understand the true cost and benefits of using some of these emerging technologies.

We provide independent testing, research and validation services that are based on actual use case scenarios, involving some of these technologies which you plan on adopting, in your business environment.

Product & Technology Comparison

Independent evaluation of the technology platforms that you are planning to adopt based on actual tests that simulate your work loads and scenarios.These tests providethe benchmarks for performance of various technology products, which are being considered.

TCO / ROI / Sizing Calculators

Calculators based on actual test results that help you determine the total cost of ownership, return on investment and sizing the hardware/software platform that is recommended for you.

Reference Architecture Papers

Get a template of business reference model, technology architecture framework, solution architecture framework and supporting test results.

Migration Studies & Best Practices

If you were to adopt these new technologies find out the best non-disruptive way of doing it.

White Papers

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