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Emergency Preparedness & Response Platform
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eRED® is a patented software product that helps enterprises and state run agencies to store and analyze emergency preparedness & response data relevant to their employees (people) and infrastructure (facility). While traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can give users detailed information and maps on the overall location, eRED® has been designed to capture localized information about the facility with all details thought by responders as necessary to effectively save life and property in the event of threat, emergency or disaster. eRED® not only helps in capturing all relevant information but also allows users to keep visual data over a secure collaborative analytics platform. During an emergency, responders (usually multiple agencies) can access their eRED® system, analyze both the historic and real time data pertaining to the situation and respond in a quick and informed manner.

eRED® is a proven, patented technology product and has been adopted in the US and in India, in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and terrorist attacks. Since the scope and application of this technology is far reaching, the product is being completely redesigned now using Hadoop (Big Data) for storing historic data on threats, emergencies and disasters worldwide and SAP HANA to run analytics based on real time data coming in.