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Big Data Adoption

Big Data Economy

The global economy is creating large volumes, as well as variety, of data at an increasingly faster pace. In addition to traditional data sources, a tremendous amount of data is being generated through web logs, RFID sensors, unstructured textual information from social networks, mobile phones, smart energy meters and other industrial machines.

Managing the large volumes of data cost-effectively and efficiently has always been challenging. Apache Hadoop provides a cost-effective way to store and analyze this data for intelligent computing. Rather than just focusing on transactions, Hadoop now provides the ability to collect and analyze the massive amounts of data around the transactions that are worth lot more than just the transaction itself.

Hadoop & Enterprise Data Management

Hadoop is a java-based software framework for distributed processing of data intensive transformations and analyses. It is well-known for its ability to distribute large scale data processing jobs across thousands of servers built on low-cost x86 servers. The high-capacity and low-cost combination is compelling enough, but Hadoop’s other appeal is its ability to handle highly variable data sources.

United’s Hadoop Consulting Services

As more and more enterprises are realizing true value of Hadoop and the impact it has on their business, United Software Associates is leading the way in providing Hadoop based technology adoption services

That Includes -

  • Technology Assessment: Is Hadoop right for you?
  • Proof of Concept study
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Management and Maintenance Support

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