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Social Media Technology Platform

Social Media Technology

Social Media is the modern way of communication and networking. It is a growing and widely accepted way of interaction these days and connects billions of people on a real time basis.

We help you to analyze the data from these websites and provide insights into trends, behaviors and preferences on topics which are of significant importance to your business.We offer Social Media Technology solutions in three distinct areas :

Social Media Management

We help you centrally manage all your Social Media activities by centralized posting to multiple social media sites and tag these posts to measure their responses and campaign results.
With our hands on experience with Social Media Platform APIs we can offer custom Social Media Management suites built to your spec with lower total cost of ownership. In certain cases we can work with your exiting social media platform, implemented at your end and customize it as per your requirement.

Social Media Analytics

We have built a "rapid deployment analytics platform" powered by SAP HANA, to correlate your enterprise data with data coming from social media sites. The platform provides you with a configurable dashboard to do advanced text and predictive analytics on data coming from various sources.
The platform can provide insights into sentiments, behaviors, patterns and correlations that are vital in making decisions regarding the sale, adoption and promotion of your products in the marketplace.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement is a facebook based solution, powered by SAP HANA for monetizing your leads through social media network. This solution is targeted at companies who are interested in using their fans (previous customers, partners, employees, industry references, etc.) to influence future buyers.
With the undeniable power of social media in our lives, particularly while buying high value and life style centric items the buyer’s decision is significantly dependent on the views of people in our network.
Our engagement platform can be integrated with your existing inventory system to create a virtual social media mall where your customers can take the help of the people in theirs social media network to make buying decisions. The entire process is friendly, frictionless and most important of all is driven towards converting your leads into real customers