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Infrastructure is the bed-rock of any enterprise. It consists of assets that are necessary to conduct business in an efficient manner. United Software Associates has built its infrastructure in a manner that it promotes fast scale up and flexible operations.Our facilities are run by a management team which believes in delivering desirable results for our customers.

We are amongst a select group of companies in the Silicon Valley, CA with a full service practice focused on advanced technology application development, value engineering and implementation services. We focus on the following :

Value Engineering

As newer technologies are being made available, it is becoming increasingly important for enterprises to find out the business values of adopting these technological advancements. Our value engineering uses our many years of industry experience ......

SAP HANA Adoption

New dynamics are transforming businesses around the world. Emerging markets require precision focus on growth clusters. Meeting local requirements on global scale requires businesses to adopt new technology platform. Businesses are moving from transactions.....

Big Data Adoption

The global economy is creating large volumes, as well as variety, of data at an increasingly faster pace. In addition to traditional data sources, a tremendous amount of data is being generated through web logs, RFID sensors, unstructured textual information.....

Application Development

We are a group of companies operational in the Silicon Valley, CA that offers an amazing assortment of services to our customers. These focus primarily on smooth delivery of products by using proven methodology to deliver results. Our knowledge is our asset and.....

SAP HANA - Scale Out Performance Test Results - Early Findings

Information Technology Services