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Real Time Analytics Platform

Analyze & Predict in Real Time

Our Analytics Platform analyzes data, correlates and predicts outcomes on a real-time basis. The platform enables enterprises to track things in real-time on a world- wide basis and helps in timely decision making. It is designed for rapid deployment of solutions in various industry segments and use cases.

Solution Overview

  • Data transformation from any source
  • Data Federation from Big Data (Apache Hadoop) and all third party database products
  • Machine Data Integration - internet of things ready
  • Analytics & Calculations Views - any data source
  • Correlational Algorithms - "this means that"
  • Predictive Algorithms using R libraries – "future outlook"
  • Text Analytics – read from natural language and process data
  • Social Media Data Analytics & Integration – FB, Twitter & others
  • Visualization – Integration with all : Open Source, Third Party & Custom software
  • Maps – All third party mapping software like Google & HANA Geo spatia
  • Integration with data from smart phones & mobile devices
  • Self-learning & intelligent system - becomes smarter as time goes by
  • Mobile ready user interface & experience
  • Choice of In-premise or cloud deployments
  • Built in user management, security and access control

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Real Time Analytics Platform


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