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Quality Assurance & Testing

We know that software application development is a multi faceted affair. One has to cope with the changing business functionalities, new development tools and finally the quality of the software program itself. We know that companies work in this scenario and we realize that their success depends on delivering quality applications. By integrating a customer's software development process with our quality assurance and testing solution we make sure that their developers have an uninterrupted software development cycle and that they are able to focus on design and functionality of the application. We use our Global Software Development model for these solutions and use a combination of onsite and offshore resources to provide at 24/7 work cycle of software development and testing.

Proven Methodology

With several years of experience in software products and application development, United Software Associates has developed several testing methodologies to help companies launch high quality software applications. Our Global Software Development Model uses an ideal combination of onsite and offshore software resources to help them save time and reduce cost.

Experienced People

Our Best Minds Together philosophy helps us to bring some highly skilled professionals to test software applications for our customers. These qualified and experienced people have several years of Testing and QA experience in a variety of software applications and are experts at both Black Box and White Box Testing. We train them on a continuous basis on the latest Test Automation Tools and encourage them to use their experience and knowledge while working on projects.

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